Sunday, April 22, 2012

Save On Food

my point on sharing this video is how this crisis can affect peoples even from rich country let alone poor countries

The worldwide increase in food prices is forcing consumers to change their lifestyle.Research looks at how people are coping with hard times ahead.It is clear that we have to be less wasteful in our spending habits.Austerity,a world hardly known to a free-spending generation,is now the keynotes of many lives.

To begin with,we can start our own garden.Even the smallest patch of land can provide the vegetables you need.In most housing estates,there is some idle land nearby.This could be transformed very quickly into an orchard producing fruits for your dinner table.I have guava tree

Cut down on eating out.we should eat at home more often.encourage the children at home to be inventive in the kitchen.They may turn out surprising dishes which do not cost as much as eating out would do.Home-cooked meals can be taken to school or workplace to reduce spending at the cafeteria.

Buy local product.It's always cheaper than imported stuff.A lot of food supplies can be obtained cheap out side the market too.You have to source the right local people to find out where you can buy cheaper fish,meat and vegetables.In this way we can help bring the prices down.

Avoid waste in cooking and eating.Cook in right amounts for your family's needs.Otherwise do planned cooking in larger amounts where you can use the food for several meals.Study your family member's eating preferences that they do not reject meals which are too often the same or lacking in variety.As for eating,please do not overload your plate and end up wasting a lot of it.

People can make the difference.We can survive this food crisis if we show self-discipline and the readiness to adapt to changing circumstances.The food crisis may be a blessing in disguise.

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